Terms of reference

Terms of reference is created as a guide to our clients about what information is necessary for us to engineer you an electric system design documentation. If you are missing some part of the information or you have not decided yet in some aspects of the electric system then do not let it scare you. Our terms of reference are an ideal, not mandatory – we will certainly offer you help and consultation when creating terms of reference.

For engineering quotation please send us the following information:

  1. Architecture sketch or preliminary design documentation. If you wish to order an operational building design documentation then please send us the principal building design documents of different parts: architecture, constructional, HVAC, water-sewage, electric system.
  2. List of devices and their locations in the building.
  3. Devices: switches, sockets, lightings, movement and/or presence detectors, heating unites, ventilation units, bigger house appliances (stoves, ovens, sauna heaters), other appliances. In this case it is useful to forward us also the information about the manufacturers and models of the devices.

Please send this information with your inquiry to email address info@volantra.ee. If there are any questions, please contact us by calling +372 5649 5626.