Electrical works for homeowner associations

In 2016 it was estimated that approximately 20 000 apartment buildings in Estonia are in need of a renovation (link). We have also experienced the demand over the years, due to homeowner associations contacting us and wished for us to renovate their existing electric systems. Ofcourse we have offered our services to these homeowner associations.

Because there is an existing demand and renovation of the electric systems in apartment buildings is not unfamiliar to us, we offer our services and help to homeowner associations.

For quotations, please send us an inquiry to info@volantra.ee with the existing documentation and explanation of the works needed to be done.

In case there is no documentation about the existing electric system we can provide our services of creating you one. More detailed information about our electrical engineering services can be found here.

Please take into account the time for a quotations to be put together may take over 2-3 days. If you have more detailed questions, please contact us by calling +372 5649 5626.

Homeowner associations may also need our electric system maintenance services. More information about our maintenance service can be found here.