Electrical work for power installations not exceeding 1 kV a.c. – main field of activity of Volantra Grupp OÜ

Our clients are people and companies who are demanding, love having a peace of mind, and used to using professionals of their field. They wish their electrical works to be done correctly, for certain, problems-difficulties solved, and the paperwork to be sound.

This is why our team consists of specialists who have obtained the required education in their respected fields, they own nationally acknowledged qualifications and have years of experience in electric works. Of course our team has young electricians who are just starting the electrician careers, but whom we educate and create new experiences for in electrical works daily.

Our goal is to offer full-service electrical works, starting from the electrical engineering, building the electric system, if necessary install solar panels and later on offer maintenance services.

Choosing us as your cooperation partner, you can be sure your electrical works are done by experienced professionals who will take care of all the necessary electrical works. Read more about our team here.

Electrical work


Electrical engineering

Electrical maintenance