Electrical engineering

We will create you the necessary electrical project.

electrical engineeringWe can offer our electrical engineering services to private houses, apartments, homeowner associations, manufacturing facilities, apartment buildings, office buildings, public buildings. Our electrical engineering is done by our specialists, who have the necessary experience, knowledge and official qualifications which ensure the rights to operate in electrical engineering services.

If you have chosen us to build your electric system, we can offer you a full-service by first creating an operational building design documentation from preliminary or principal building design documentation and do the necessary electrical works.

The price of an electrical project for a private house starts from 500 euros (VAT to be included). The exact price of the electrical project depends mostly on the complexity of the system to be created. More simple ones are of course cheaper (such as just engineering the main cable into the house). If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to info@volantra.ee or call us on +372 5649 5626. In order to get an exact quotation from us, please look into our terms of reference.

You can check our qualifications according to the Estonian laws here.