Our company

The main activity of ettevõteVolantra Grupp OÜ is construction and renovation works of electric power systems below 1 kV a.c. We are set to provide our electrical construction and maintenance services for office buildings, apartment buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, and private houses.

One of our main goals is to be a trustworthy and a professional electric systems construction company. We value theoretical knowledge which is put into practice. The team and our cohesive improvement is vital for us, because we operate in the service industry where the service is carried out by people – our company’s employees. Keeping in mind the improvement of our company we also carry out consistent education of our employees. Our electricians are specialists who participate in livelong learning process. The improvement of our every electrical specialist is documented and an extremely valuable asset for us.

The task of the company is offering a quality electric system construction service, keeping in mind the future needs for the maintenance of the electric system we will build. Therefore we ease the process of the future maintenance activities. Ofcourse we can offer our clients the engineering services for their electric system, where we create an electric system to fit the needs of our clients. The customer satisfaction is important for us and we aim to provide it right from the beginning, offering the correct technical solution and a long time warranty for our works. We are a competitor to every other electric system construction company whose vision lacks the understanding about the future of electricians and electric system construction.

Through our active management Volantra Grupp OÜ possesses valid qualifications which attests us to carry through construction of electric systems, its maintenance and engineering activities. For more detailed information you can find our national qualifications here.

Electrical works are a challenge for us – interesting offers are always welcome!