Home automation

home automationHome automation is growing in its use as a part in modern electric systems. We have the experience in engineering and construction of home automation systems.

Home automation offers you the possibility of:

  1. lighting management
  2. HVAC systems control
  3. gather exact statistics and data of the energy consumption and keep them under control
  4. have better and additional functions of the security system of the building
  5. long distance management of devices and house appliances.

Aforementioned list is not conclusive but are some of the main functions used today. According to your wishes we can supplement or change the list and in cooperation or independently pick out the necessary devices.

We mainly deal with KNX protocol based home automation management systems because its use is more international which makes available a wider selection of devices, manufacturers and functions.

If you wish to have a quote for your project, please send us an inquiry to info@volantra.ee with the existing documentation. For further information please contact us by calling +372 5649 5626. You can check the validity of our qualifications here.