Solar power plant construction project management

solar power plantWe can offer you full-service in solar power plant construction project management. Starting from project initiation and planning to construction and handover. We will do the necessary engineering, negotiations with the network possessor, connectivity and construction works, and put together the final documentation.

This service is necessary for real estate developer and investors who wish to find a reliable partner in order to build bigger and powerful solar power plants whereas they wish to get assurance for the project to be done correctly and the end result is a working solar power plant. You can check the validity of our qualifications here. We offer additionally electric system maintenance services which are necessary for bigger solar power plants. More information of our maintenance services can be found here.

Despite of the phase of your project you can always contact us – we have had to take over the management of solar power plant projects which are poorly done. These projects are more difficult, but thanks to our great experience we have always finished these projects.

If you have additional questions, please call us +372 5354 9195 or send an email to