Electrical maintenance

Electrical maintenance covers all aspects of testing, monitoring, fixing, and replacing elements of an electrical system.

electrical maintenanceElectrical maintenance is to ensure the functionality and safety of the electric system. Basically, we do regular inspections and examinations for the electric system to be safe and sound.

While doing a technical inspection a qualified inspection agency specialist will conduct a visual examination, gets to know the existing documentation for the building, and when necessary carries out measuring activities. After the initial inspection an overview is created which will have evaluations of the condition of the electric system. If the electric system is in order an attestation will be given out. If the electric system is not up to bar, the inspector will give the owner of the electric system the list of problems in the system that are needed to be fixed.

The owner of the electric system has to ensure the usage of the system according to the laws and standards, also the technical inspection to be carried out at the right time. The goal of the technical inspection is to evaluate the safety of the electric system and when needed carry out electrical maintenance according to the Estonian law ‘Equipment Safety Act’. Technical inspection has to be carried out with every electric system before the start of its use and while it is in use in accordance with the law in a timely manner. Electric system can be taken into usage after it has passed the initial inspection and an attestation of its accordance to the Act has been given out.

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