Engineering stages

Engineering stages are a regular setup when creating construction projects.

Construction projects are developed step-by-step. Electrical engineering is done in stages the same way the construction projects are engineered. We have written here the different stages of construction stages which will give a better understanding for our clients in which stage they are with their construction project or what our clients would wish to order us. This is all done to create a better communication between us and our clients.

  1. Architecture sketch – the overall idea of the building and its lot as an architecture sketch which will give an overall understanding what will be built. Technical specialists are here more as consultants. Most works are here done with an architect.
  2. Preliminary building design – in this stage it is good to add technical specialists into planning, also the representatives of Volantra OÜ. Overall idea of the technical parts of the house (constructional solutions, HVAC, water-sewage, electric system) are presented. This stage of the project is used in applying for a building permit.
  3. Principal building design – a detailed building solution is created (i.e. wall materials, technical parameters, quality requirements). The principal building design can be used to calculate the price of costs and can be used as terms of reference when asking for quotations. Electric system designs are suitable to be sent to us if you wish for Volantra OÜ to send you a quotation for electrical works.
  4. Operational building design – electrical works are done using this stage of the building design and it is an instruction for the electricians how the electric system should be built. Engineering an operational building design is beneficial if the company for electrical works is chosen.

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